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Filet Mignon

A high-scale and deliciously tender boneless cut from the small side of the tenderloin, known for a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Cowboy Steak

Bone-in and big enough to feed a cowboy, this cut is swirling with the most marble possible giving you flavor with every mouthful.


This cut meets at the flavorful intersection of strip and tenderloin, separated by a t-shaped bone creating diverse flavor.


This cut is similar to a t-bone, only it contains a larger portion of the tenderloin as it is cut closer to the rear.

Ribeye (Delmonico)

Cut from the rib, you can’t go wrong with this perfect balance of marble and meat on a boneless slab.

New York Strip

The strip is taken from the short loin portion of a cow. It’s known for being particularly tender because of the lack of work the particular muscle does regularly.

Sirloin Strip

A sirloin strip is a boneless cut of sirloin, which is a particularly tender version of sirloin.

Sirloin Steak

This cut is the bone-in alternative of a sirloin strip. If you’re looking for something with a little more bite than a strip, this is a good bet.

Flat Iron

A flat iron is a leaner, thinner cut taken from the shoulder of the cow.

Flank Steak

A flank cut is taken from the belly; it’s similar to the flat iron, only leaner and has a bit more of a bite.

Hanging Tender

Beefy flavors can come in thin cuts. This cut produces the ideal hearty, rich flavor taken from below the diaphragm.

Skirt Steak

A flat and long cut derived from the diaphragm; what it might lack in texture it renownedly makes up for in flavor.

Tip Steak

This cut is tender, packed with protein, and a good alternative to higher-end cuts like filet mignon.

Sliced Beef

Pre-sliced beef from the round that’s perfect for Philly cheese steaks.

Fajita Meat

Ready to hit your skillet with delicious flavor to amplify any type of fajita.


Whole Tenderloin

This tender roast is perfect for a celebration. Great grilled or roasted.

Standing Rib

This is also known as a prime rib, taken from the rib area of the cow. A standing rib roast can have up to 7 ribs included in its final cut.


Another primal cut, a brisket is taken from the lower chest and is well enhanced by slow-cooking.

Chuck Roast

This is taken from the front portion of the animal and is excellent in a slow cooker or slow roasted in the oven.

Tri-Tip Roast

A tri-tip roast is a sub primal cut from the sirloin; this lean cut with a somewhat tender texture that takes to marinating very well.

Eye of the Round

This cut is especially lean, with a bit of a tougher texture that’s great for stews or eating cubed.

London Broil

A London broil is cut from the top round. Marinate for a few hours then sear or grill. Slice it thinly-enjoy!

Bottom Round

This cut is lean and a great value; it’s perfect for very slow roasting and enjoying in thin slices.